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Welcome everybody
Each journey has a first step, then the following ones and at the end a last one, before we continue with the next part of our fundamental journey. During our up and downs in our lifestreams we all have at any time a common ground, which stays untouched from our own interpretation of our so called reality. To refresh our friendship with this common ground of our beings is our starting point.

Sugatatours will offer old and new methods of mindtraining in traditional and new surroundings for beginners up to advanced travellers - we mix the experience of the beauty of the outer world with the challenge of the developement of the wisdom and compassion of our inner world - loving kindness and friendship with ourselves and others will blossom like beautiful flowers from successfull efforts walking our ways.

Most of the difficutlies we are facing in our societies on our planet come from untamed areas in our minds - due to this fact we want to offer a contriibution for transforming confusion into wisdom, most of the time a longtime journey for each individual and a journey which needs an expierenced guide, at least up to a certain point of our individual journeys.



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