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Making a Decision

Our experiences of the ups and downs during our everyday lifes consist of things, which we get, also if we dont want them, and things, that we want, but we are not able to get in contact with - that is exactly the definition of suffering according the buddhist teachings. Behind those experiences, everyone of us is sailing at any time of our journeys through space and time on the ship of our own awareness and mindfulness, which enables us to recognize our experiences fundamentally, and this common ground stays always primordially pure and untouched from our personal interpretation of the pure moments of our present experiences.

Normally we dont reflect about our body as something precious, which is very vulnerable through the fact of impermanence and death, and we dont develop much appreciation for this body-vehicle, which we use from birth to death as means to travel our journeys through time and space. And most of our time we are occupied with our personal pursue for gaining fame, material security, success and compliments from others, and with our senseless efforts to avoid loss, critic, failure, insecurity and bad reputation.

Besides this we never take the time to have a close look at the real condition of our minds: at the end we have no chance of avoiding spinning around from aggression to lust, to greed, envy, fear, terrible depression, dullness, ignorance and all other unwanted thoughts and emotions in our consciousness. Thus suffering all those unwanted conditions, and always loosing the experiences we are longing for, as for example, happiness, fame, good reputation and healthiness we dont find an exit from this circling around. So most of the time of our lives up until now has passed by and endlessly we continue to repeat our ignorance and pain-producing habits. Getting very close in contact with this reality is necessary to come to a point, where we are able to make a decision, an inner step, to end this circling around in a world of fast changing dreamlike appearances.

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