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Almost all poor people have no rights, often they dont even have the possibility to raise their voices - because they have no success to the means of aritculation, to computers, to education, to media and medical systems and so on - there is a groundlevel of income, which enables one to raise ones own voice and to influence ones own fate of good or back luck. We have to invite all leaders of our economy-systems, the leaders of our human and social organisations and tools, to create the possibilities for all human beings of taking part in all important decisions on a global scale. And all leading companies are invited to change their actions, and to stop stealing territory, natural resources and energy from peoples of other cultures, and just to be servers for the whole human community on our planet. If this is not done out of a free insight and an act of free will, history will repeat itself and those institutions will be damaged by a revolutionary movement during a future global fight. So the much better choice is to take part on an evolutionary movement, which brings also sympathies from all peoples on this earth. And this means to put more energy and capital into our educational systems.

We can offer a way of learning, which enables all people to come to a state of being, which conbributes to this necessary developments - we need a new type of managers, Ceos and responsible people at top management positions, who are free of stupid ideologies of rubbery and stealing, and who are realy interested in the welfare of the whole globe. To take as much as you can within the shortest possible time, which you are able to do, with the smallest amount of input, is the way of criminals. It is not the way of respected people, which one can admire, and wich it is worth to follow up after them - human beings, who are unable to take care of others are just able to build up themselves. No personality type of this kind is needed nowadays anymore whatsoevere. We need a kind of leaders in politics, culture and economy, who really take care of others at first.

We offer our services in training and producing such kind of personalities: It has to do with an appropriate way of education, which is creating a real decent human being.

We do and cannot offer a hundred percent guarantee of producing enlightened beings, but we want to offer a contribution on the side of intelligence and warm heart efforts, to heal the wounds, which are the results of all materialistic actions from the past.....

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