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Calling the teacher our own awareness from not so far away, from inside


From the primordially pure ground of non arising, non-abiding, non-ending reality,

Which is free from the complexities of our changing states of thought and nonthought,

From our compassion for the confusion of taking the impermanent flickers of our everchanging experience as real,

Primordial teacher in any form you are able to take for the sake of sentient being -

Please arise: I offer you a seat on a jewel throne protected by the lions of the fearless proclamation of reality,

Take your seat on this wonderfull lotusflower, which consists of all my positive thoughts of clarity, who have manifested in my confused mind during all states of fast changing confusion

Please feel welcomed and relax on the sun of my manifested prajna, built up of all my thoughts

Which I have deliberately arisen in my mind as a sign of appreciation of the possibility of cutting through dualistic ways of thinking about myself and reality on the spot,

And arrange yourself on the moon-seat of compassion, which was built up through my collected efforts to reach enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings,

My own mothers and fathers from beginningless time, which I have vowed to bring back to their natural, unconfused state of being,

Enabling them to rest in the nature of their intrinsic mind of awareness, which will free them from their karmic debts collected through many lifetimes up until now -

Please take a seat on this throne, which is the only one you will kindly accept from your stupid student, who is the most lazy one of your followers, known by no-name,

Because there are not really qualities, which can be said to have manifested in this being,

So be kind to me, your careless child

Please give thought to your unworthy student,

Take care of me, turn the wheel of the true teachings once again for all sentient beings,

So that maybe your unworthy student begins to shed tears about his past bad deads and can change at least his stubborn mind and start to regret selfish actions, mindless thinking and ego-centered conduct.


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