Precious time
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Taking Care of yourself and others


If sanity and goodness would be personal belongings, it would be sufficient for each individual being to exist in ones personal form of existence alone on this planet: As this is not the case and because we are living together with many other sentient beings, including animals, and forms of existence and patterns of energy, which are not always visible within the instruments of our modern world technical scientific tools, we have to make an arrangement with this fact: Individuality and egoistic activities are often mixed up. As are collectivism and altruism: during the process of being educated and transformed through others and educating oneself from a point of view, which is egoistic and can become an altruistic one, individuality can increase to a level quite high, which includes always also an increase of the altruistic degree of ones own activities. So individuality is not a hindrance on the path of transforming ones egoistic tendencies and habitual patterns, into patterns, which will benefit all. If beings start to take care of others more than of themselves, being individual must not be equated with stupid and sorrowless behaviour, because in connection with the path of mindfulness, awareness, loving kindness, wisdom and compassion, individuality is not a hindrance. It is more or less our chariot, on which we can travel along the path of truth to the realization of the nature of our own mind..

The crucial point is the actual landscape of our inner condition, of our actual reality we are living in from moment to moment: Acting outside like a saint, but being confused inside is just cheating oneself - there is a path of transformation of inner energies, which brings real freedom from hypocrisy, arrogance and cheating oneself and others. We cannot travel on this path with wishful thinking alone, we have to do certain things, that our journey leads to results we are longing for: to true happiness and freedom from the realms of suffering, depression, confusion, bewilderment and misleeding concepts and wrong views about reality.

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