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The Path of liberation can be compared to the errection of a building: we need a good foundation of the whole building: This foundation is built by our own efforts through investigating our own mind by means of personal experience. Those efforts allow us to reconnect with our real nature: we discover basic goodness within every tiny aspect of our minds, also within states of confusion wisdom can be discovered.

On the first level of appreciating ourselves we can build the next level of our building: the floor of transfoming our pain-producing habitual tendencies into tools for our intended goal: to settle down in conditions, which protect our basic goodness and support our further development in the direction of happiness and peace. This includes the increased caretaking of other sentient beings, which we find out to be affected by the same pain-producing mechanisms, as we have discovered within ourselves. Having found a gentle way of dealing with those different forms of pain enables us to find an exit out of those for ourselves. And now we can offer the same possbility to others.

Level three of our training is just an extension of the already invented and started ways: we extend our sanity to a broader circle of our world, and therefore can offer something healthy and sane to others more and more. Our appreciation for others and ourselves has increased to a level, where we will be able to renounce of aggression and destruction.