Aspects of our own mind
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From the very beginning of training the mind in methods of visualisation, it is important to understand, that the best way to get in relationship with the so called deities, is to realize them as aspects of our own mind, of our own awareness.

Maybe we can not hold onto this view for a longer time, but anyway it is good to remember oneself from time to time, that this is the best way to deal with them. It is not, that we are producing something, which only exists within or through our imagination. On the contrary it is the acknowledgement of our primordial reality, as it is from the very beginning - our deluded state of mind, our habitual tendencies have isolated us from the ability to see this clearly, we just have forgotten our real nature.

Through the accumulation of merits we are reconnected more and more to our natural state of being, to buddhahood. It is like polishing a piece of gold, which has fallen into mud. It is covered from dirt, but inside, it has not changed. Free from dirt, the gold immediately regains its ability to shine and to reflect.

That is the most important aspect of mind-training, to connect us again, bring us again in contact, with our primordial nature, with buddhahood, which has been there any time, during all our experiences in different times and at different places.



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