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Guru Rinpoche: the essence of our own awareness

Preview Sugatatours-Project

We want to offer study and practice-courses for different levels of experience of practitioners, who are interested in mind-training. At the moment our methods primarily derive from himalayan sources - but it is our intention, to develop and build up relationships with other ancient traditions too, so we can offer access to wisdom-traditions from different cultures.

The Sanskritword "Sugata" describes someone, "who has passed into the state of liberation joyfully ", and therefore consequently is able to experience ones own life from a wisdom-creating point of view of nondual awareness. This wisdom includes compassion, gentleness and the development of discriminating awareness, whereby confusion is transformed into wisdom by using it as the permanent starting-point of our journey and happines manifests in oneself and others.

For more information about this project please visit: sugatatours