Money is Mother Earth' milk
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Our activites are planned to be a contribution to the ethical developement of both, of rich and poor people: Rich people we invite to be aware of their responsibility to support efforts for eliminating starving and sickness of poor people - about 800 million people on our globe are dependent on your goodwill and help - by giving and mainly by giving them back their fundamental rights; the fundamental right to live from the soil they are living on - most of the time the owners are local or foreign investors or big companies, who steal land, resources or fundamental rights from the local people for their own purposes of economical exploitation. Also many areas on our globe, which are quite fertile, are nowadays uncultivated and without farming, because the former owners and farmers have been ruined by price-dumping of economically strong countries: The crazy system of funding and supporting agricultural products in rich countries, produces poor people in the so called third world, whose foundation of living is extinguished and most of the time then are forced to move away from their homelands - the increasing number of immigrants into the rich countries is most of the time "homemade" by such stupid rules of economy.

Poor people have to stand up and to demand their fundamental right to survive from their own soil: to claim the right to have their own land back, and to be protected from foreign goods, from exploitational trading-rules, which destroy their foundations for living. Cheating and stealing, which is installed by a commonly developed language of so called experts in economy and trade has to be stopped and, and has to be denounced as that what it really is: a criminal conduct, which demands refusal and contempt at first, and secondly those people have to be seen as sick people, and we have to take care that they are kept away from positions of responsibility and power. We need ethically trained people to be placed at such crucial positions.

Our contribution with donated money will be the errection and developement of educational structures and institutions, which enable rich and poor people at the same time to work together on a level of contemparary needs: The ethical need to give as rich person, and the human right of dignity to claim ones survival ground level as a poor person. Opening up the entrance to an experience of our sacred world as a means of richness in itself, without being dependent first hand on money, guaranting a ground income for each person as a birthright on this globe, the voluntary limitation of ones means, ones consumed amounts in form of energy, land and capital are key-points for such a kind of view.

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