Money is Mother Earth' milk
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Our World is primarily focused on money - due to the inability of most of us sentient beings, to appreciate our fundamental world in a simple way, because we have lost the entrance to a view of sacredness for our every-day life, the intensity of materialism, which we face nowadays, has taken rulership in our world. Seeing this fact as it is, we want to offer our service for all sentient beings so that they are able to find back to the nature of their mind: Being rich or poor is not the important point, of getting in contact with our methods of training. We suggest that the rich ones - with their material wealth - support the poor ones. Therefore the fees for our training-programms, our payment of teamworkers and our prices for products will not follow the general rules of our common markets. Besides this intention it is clear, that we are not independent from our materialistic world, and we are not able to sponsor everyone immediately from the very beginning. But we will always support the poorest at first. To build up a system of economy and culture, where starving hunger and thirst, and lacking the ground level facilities for leading a dignified life will come to an end, is one of our aims and one of our main-intentions, besides our fundamental service of offering the methods of cultivating sentient beings`minds and hearts..

There is a need for:

1.) The definition of an average salery for coworkers within our projects according to the culture and land they are living in. This amount will differ from country to country, but generally it should be a moderate amount, according to the living cost and circumstances actually existing in a country, which guarantees an average amount for a life in dignity and respect.

2.) According to the wishes of our active and future partners, we want to invite them to make a definition of their art, articles, creations, according to their wishes: Both is possible, copyrigh and copyleft. We want to respect your wishes: Each individual can decide, how to take part in our projects, offering all their creations for free, or offering their creations just as usual with copyright, or in a form of partly copyright and partly copyleft.

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