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Sonam Lama:
........ has grown up in a Tamang village in eastern Nepal. Nearby a famous place for retreat is situated, Lapchi, where Milarepa once meditated longer time. The small monastery in his homevillage was used during the last five decades often by refuges coming out of Tibet, to recover from the exhaustion of their often year long journeys: Dilgo Khyentse, Nyoshul Khenpo are only a few of those yogis and teachers, who have stayed there for some months. It was due to those circumstances, that Sonam Lama met those teachers already during his childhood.

Sonam was taught painting at first from his uncle (during this time he mastered the traditional style of painting of the Karma-Kagyü-Order of Buddhism). This period was followed by a four year long training in the so called painting style of Karma-Gadri under the guidance of one of the main disciples of Gega Lama. Sonam Lama nowadays is the head of a painting school with six members, which have been trained and educated by himself. All readers, who are interested in learning more about this art, please contact us for further arrangements.