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Homeland Lotosworkers:

The Himalayas with its highest peaks have becomesomehow an international symbol for the area of pureness and the vision of a sane and happy way of life. Tibetan societies have not been always sane and without aggresion, but it is like Churchils saying about democracy: Tibetans have developed the worst system of spiritual training, but can you show me a better one?

Wisdomworkers Shambhalaland:

The idea of the mystical land of Shambhala can be seen from the point of view of a hidden land, which is hard to find for barbarians. Or it can be viewed as a metaphor for the possiblities, which a human being can reach, by getting in contact with usefull means of mindtraining.

Wisdomworkers Yoginiland/Sunshine:

In the tantric system of mindtraining Vajrayogini stands for the full realization of emptiness, or wisdom, the female quality of space. There are different levels of realisation of emptiness, which correspond with a different kind of intensity of radiation to our world according to this level of insight.

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