Selfliberating emotions and thoughts
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Walking the path to liberation

The path of walking to the liberation shore of wisdom takes place on three different levels: Starting with the investigation of the structures of our own mind, we get in contact with our own minds in protected areas with the help of authentic trainers and teachers. The foundation of this process can be compared to the foundation of any building - you need a good ground to errect the following levels of the building - and this work is done at first.

Appreciation and acceptance of ones own body, speech and mind can be the foundation for the next level: to find out about the origin of our minds, and to start at the same time a process of discriminating awareness, which enables us to avoid unneccessary troubles, caused by our own habitual tendencies, and at the same time allows us, to use more and more sane tendencies in our conduct, which automatically leads to a reduction of general problematic situations, just by letting go of troubleshooting habits and by forgetting the application of our painproducing habitual patterns.

On the third level of our training methods we use tools, which help us to gain a healthy and sane view: it is not something totally new, which we are using now, but starting from our appreciation of ourselves, the transformation of bad patterns into healthy ones, we just extend those on a broader view and more extended level - it starts to effect our surroundings.

These training methods have been used since centuries, and already have helped to manifest the qualities of wisdom and compassion within many generations of female and male practitioners of these pathways. It is our special offer to our heavy-burdened materialistic societies for regaining a sane outlook and conduct, which will bring benefit for all beings.