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Information about the orderprocess

Ordering Products is simple with the order form we have provided.

  1. For shipping information read our disclaimer
  2. The Input-Fields in the Personal Data area are obligatory data fields. You have to fill in all these fields. Also dont forget to select a Payment option at the bottom of the form.
  3. In the Product Data area you can fill in the amount for each product you want to order (Amt. column). The total amount will be calculated automatically, if you have javascript turned on.
  4. For calculating the postage we have provided a link to post.at. The information of this page will be provided in a separate browser window. This means, if you close this info window you will be back in the order form window automatically. Enter the correct postage fee into the input field right to the postage link.
  5. If you want to make a donation, please use the input field right to the "optional Donation" label
  6. Our prices are calculated in Euros. If you want to compare these prices with other currencies use the link Currencyconverter in the bottom section of the order form. This information will also be provided in a separate browser window.
  7. After you have pressed the button "Submit Orderform" you will get a summery of the order you have made. In case of missing Personal Data or Payment option you will be redirected automatically back to the order form, for entering the missing data. You can print this summary via your web-browsers printer facility.
  8. On the summary page you can go ahead to definitivly send your order by clicking the link "send order" or you can go back to the orderform (link "back to orderform"), to make changes. If you click send order you will get an email containing the complete summary information to the email-addresse you have provided in the oderform.


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