Dancing in the skies
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Good old new world

The entrance into the fruition level consists of eliminating the darkness of ignorance of conlicting emotions and wrong views about oneself and about the world in general, by means of an analytical process of investigation in ones own experience.

Discovering the nature of mind, gaining certainty about the condition of our mind, and stabilizing this correct view about our mind, lead to an ongoing correct experience of our reality. The cultivation and integration of the principles of nonfrivolity in terms of our real condition of impermanence, of the reality of death, and of the inevitable sturctures of our world we are living in, and of realizing our precious human existence, will support those steps in direction of wisdom and compassion.

We have gained an understanding of the undeveloped condition of human beings: confusion is the state of being we are normally experiencing, and wisdom, gentleness and compassion are qualities, which have to be cultivated by our educational systems - it is not enough, to train human beings on the level of analytical intelligence, we also need social and spiritual intelligence, in order to learn a way of living together in peacful and harmonious ways. And finding out the real condition of our minds, makes us gentle in order to rest in our natural state of wisdom and stable in using the methods and means of compassionate actions and conduct.