Nonsectarian Networking
offers benefit for all
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Artistic Workers:

Manu Chao (Interview with Manu Chao)
Manu Chao (Official Homepage)


Zeitgeistmovie (911 and Financial rules)
Honest Media (global network on democratic medias)
Non-mainstreammedia (magazine-coop europe)

Therapyworkers/Supporting Prisoners:

Windhorse-Society (Support of mind-handicapped people)

Hospiceworkers/Death & Dying:

Sickness/Death&Dignity (Hospicework/Palliative Services)
Hospice Austria (Caregivers for dying people)
Homefunerals (Family-Directed Home Funerals)

Political/Economical Workers:

Human Right Watch (Official Website)
Focus on the global south (Social Research)
Center for constitutional rights (Universal declaration of humanl rights)
american civil liberties union (Preservation of individual rights)
Canadian writer (Official Homepage Naomi Klein)
AAction Aid (International Anti-poverty Agency)
Heiner Geissler (Minister and former general secretary CDU Germany)
Humanitarian Globalisation (Youth network)
Worldbankcampaign Europe (Anti-worldbank network)
Corpwatch (Democratic control over corporations)
Council on Foreign Relations (independent think-tank)





Spiritual Friends